Wilson cup team visit

Thanks to Stu Slater, Pete McKinlay, Ewan Rendall and Steven Rendall for taking the cup and themselves down to our club tonight (22nd) and entertaining us with an excellent four ball better ball challenge.

The evening started sunny and pleasant and the four set off at the 1st where only Pete found the fairway, the others being drawn to the challenge of going for it and fading out of bounds over the dreaded dyke!!! We all know how that feels.

The 2nd saw Pete and Steven both on the green off the tee where Pete got the only birdie of the night with Steven getting a par.

Into a strong head wind on the 3rd saw 4 amazing and powerful drives which saw all 4 well over onto the top half of the fairway. No one managed to make the green in 2 and all finished with a 5. By this time the mist was threatening to roll in.

The 4th had Steven and Ewan both driving down over the ditch and leaving themselves with tricky 2nd shots. Pars all round here.
Mist and a strong wind now made play even more challenging.

At the 5th Stu was just short right and Ewan was off to the left, Pete found the green off the tee and Steven put his 3 wood to the back of the green into a head wind!!! Ewan chipped on and then finding the hole from a good 30+feet for a par.

At the short 6th Stu landed just short and with no run his ball just stuck there, Ewan and Pete both went over the back and had penalty drops onto the 9th fairway with only Steven finding the green and the only one to get a par.

The 7th was again into the wind and the drives were again excellent. Then after the approach shots were played up toward the green W M Scott brought out refreshments for the players and spectators Thank you Billy for your generosity it was much appreciated.

At the 8th all 4 drove off into the mist so, apart from the fact that the players had an idea of their line, we had no idea how far the balls had gone. Ewan and Pete were down the left on the 7th fairway and Stu and Steven were on the 8th fairway with Steven being well down at 100 yards from the green with no run on!!!!. Ewan’s 2nd shot found the edge of Lister’s hole and luckily clung on to the side. Steven and Stu were both on the green and Pete was just short on the front slope.3 fours and a 5 were carded here.

Onto the 9th with darkness descending and all 4 hitting massive drives. Ewan almost making it to the practice putting green. Stu and Steven both ended up in the trees and Pete in the ruff at the left just past the new 10th tee. In the end Pete and Ewan walked away with pars.

Stu and Pete won the challenge match with a 34.

So to sum up we all had an excellent evening watching 4 excellent golfers play on our course and we thank them for that opportunity.