Notices & Local Rules

Important Notices

We as a club would like to make all our members and players aware that, although not compulsory, it may be prudent to look at golfers insurance as an option to be considered.

This would give a player peace of mind that in the event of loss, theft or damage to clubs or equipment, the damage to property or other players due to a wayward shot and even if they themselves are injured by a wayward shot they would be covered.

The above paragraph is of course a worse case scenario and may never happen to you. But we all have home insurance and hope we never have to use it. So its worth considering.

There are various companies offering this service and it may be possible that your own home insurer offers some sort of cover so its worth checking.

Extract from South Ronaldsay Golf Club Committee minute dated 29th October 2013

Child Protection

  1. Junior Coaching Child protection
  2. Coaches had meeting with coordinator to discuss responsibilities both to children and coaches , all coaches there bar one
  3. Form needed to contain details of personal issues for each child , contact numbers , foods not to be given etc
  4. Parents to be encouraged to stay for coaching sessions and provide supervision on children while coaches coach
  5. Child protection concerns to be logged by coaches and if required passed to child protection coordinator

Coaching Sessions

Could all members be aware that during our coaching sessions the 1st and 9th will be closed for play. We have Juniors being coached and they will be using the practice area in between the 9th green and the 1st tee. The rest of the course is open for play.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this but this is purely on the basis of health and safety.

Thank you for your co-operation.


When hitting errant golf balls into neighbouring properties please be aware that the club asks every golfer to report to the club and or house holder any damage or potential damage that the ball may have caused.

Each golfer is responsible for the effects of their golf ball entering private property and for reporting incidents to the owners.

The club would also like to be made aware of any incidents by reporting details to the club secretary.

Any adverse incidents with owners of private property should also be reported to the club.

Jim Robertson


10 April 2010

Removal of Gur

To read more, please view our PDF here.


The committee wish to make members aware that all ideas or concerns about the course management and development should be made to the Greens Convenor.

The Greens keeper has been instructed not to accept any work instructions from anyone outside of the greens Convenor or his written work schedule.

This is not to discourage anyone from contributing to the course management, indeed it is encouraged , but we need to keep a focus on the planned work to ensure that communication is specific, clear and in line with the committees vision for the course both short and long term I would also encourage members to continue to volunteer to help keep our course looking good but caution any volunteer to get the greens conveyors approval to ensure health and safety requirements are met, it is important to get this clearance each year, any work done by volunteers on the course must be approved beforehand by the greens convenor The committee approves whole heartedly with members volunteering and recognises the value of voluntary work but we need to control the work done to maximise its value and most importantly to ensure members safety.

Club secretary

Jim Robertson 21 May 2014

Pitch Marks and Divots

The Committee of South Ronaldsay Golf Club would like to remind all our members and guest golfers to please replace all divots and repair pitch marks on and around the greens. No trolleys or bags allowed on the tees.

Please watch this video clip: