Hi Folks

What can I say… the weather has been very unseasonable this May as you are all probably aware of (unless you have been living elswhere!)

Our Greens converer has had a difficult decision to make in whether to keep the course open, with the risk of causing damage due to the wet conditions, or to close it.

At the moment the course is open but don’t be surprised if this changes at short notice and he has intimated that it will close tomorrow (Sunday 31st) at midday if not sooner due to the forecast.

This is not what we as golfers want to hear as we creep into June and it is not a decision that the club takes lightely. 

So I ask that all our members bear with us during this time. I know there are competitions being missed due to this and I doubt that can’t be helped. Hopefully we will be back playing in full soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience 

Keith Nicol

Club Captain