Scootie Pudding

The Scootie Pudding 2014

Today (Sunday 11th) saw our annual competition against Stromness, for the coveted Scootie Pudding trophy, being played out in the Hope albeit around about a month later than normal due to the extremely wet winter.

A total of 29 players took part on a breezy cool day but thankfully the rain stayed away.

We were defending the trophy and the matches were going well 6 groups in and all square but alas it wasn’t going to be our year and we lost 4/3.

So it was off to the Murrays for fish and chips, the presentation and some friendly banter after which SRGC captain Keith Nicol got the presentation underway presenting the Trophy and the Pink jersey to Stromness GC captain Morgan Harcus who duly squeezed into the gansy and somewhere in the distance a shout of ” it matches your eyes” was heard but we’ll say no more on that subject.

A big thank you to all who competed from both club’s (without you there would be no competition), also to the grounds staff at the club for preparing the course against all odds to the Murray Arms for a lovely meal and to Brian Kirkness for the photo’s.

And so the Scootie Pudding has gone home to Stromness BUT we look forward to going there next year and winning it back………

The players from todays competition (missing from the group are Graeme Miller and Brian Kirkness who was hiding behind the camera)
And for those who have never seen it THE SCOOTIE PUDDING trophy