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An incident happened, yesterday 14/10/14, when at some point in the afternoon a golf ball struck and broke the back window of a car parked at The Daisy Villa Surgery.

We would hope that any persons playing on the course at the time , who will know if they set a ball off in that direction (possibly not thinking that they hit anything), would make themselves known to the club or directly to the Doctors as we do not wish to gain bad feeling with our neighbours.

The Committe would also like to bring the following notice back to the attention of all golfers (this is already on the site in the Notices and Local rules tab) and to also say that at it is every golfers responsibility to ensure they have golf insurance.

Keith Nicol

Club Captain



When hitting errant golf balls into neighbouring properties please be aware that the club asks every golfer to report to the club and or house holder any damage or potential damage that the ball may have caused.

Each golfer is responsible for the effects of their golf ball entering private property and for reporting incidents to the owners.
The club would also like to be made aware of any incidents by reporting details to the club secretary.
Any adverse incidents with owners of private property should also be reported to the

Jim Robertson 


10 April 2010