Notice to all members


The committee wish to make members aware that all ideas or concerns about the course management and development should be made to the Greens Convenor.

The Greens keeper has been instructed not to accept any work instructions from anyone outside of the greens Convenor or his written work schedule.

This is not to discourage anyone from contributing to the course management, indeed it is encouraged , but we need to keep a focus on the planned work to ensure that communication is specific, clear and in line with the committees vision for the course both short and long term I would also encourage members to continue to volunteer to help keep our course looking good but caution any volunteer to get the greens conveyors approval to ensure health and safety requirements are met, it is important to get this clearance each year, any work done by volunteers on the course must be approved beforehand by the greens convenor  The committee approves whole heartedly with members volunteering and recognises the value of voluntary work but we need to control the work done to maximise its value and most importantly to ensure members safety.

Club secretary

 Jim Robertson    21 May 2014