Matchplay Pairs

The format for this is 2 ball Foursomes.

  To be played by 31/05/11   To be played by 15/07/11   To be played by 31/08/11   To be arranged    
  J Robertson & B Thomson J. Sim    &  R.Smith                
  J Sim & R Smith                  
              J Sim & R Smith          
  E Donaldson & M Wick E Donaldson & M Wick              
  J Seatter & B Taylor           J Sim & R Smith    
        B Scott & K Scott B.Scott & K.Scott        
        B Wylie & S Drever              
                        J Sim & R Smith
        S Fotheringhame & S Barnett K. Nicol & D. Nicol       Winners
        K Nicol & D Nicol              
          B Banks & D Townsend    
        B Banks & D Townsend
B.Banks & D.Townsend
        B Kirkness & D Swannie              
  Full handicaps apply.                      
  Any match not completed on time will be decided by Match Secretary