Match Play

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Format for Match Play competitions

Singles – Full handicap difference

(Player A 22h/c  Player B 12h/c therefore Player A receives 10 strokes from Player B then referring to the Stroke Index on the score card Player A receives a free stroke at holes 1 (9 & 10), 3 (3 & 4), 4 (7 & 8), 5 (5 & 6), 8 (1 & 2).

Doubles – This is a two ball foursome’s game.

Where the handicaps of each pair are added together and then halved and then the full difference is taken as in the singles. (Pair A 22 & 26 = 48/2 = 24 Pair B 12 & 23 = 35/2 = 17.5 = 18 Therefore Team A receives 6 strokes from Team B

One player from each pair tees off on the Odd holes and the other tees off on the even holes. After the tee shot each pair take it in turns to hit their ball until someone holes out and the hole is won or halved.

PLEASE NOTE – Players must agree, before they start their match, on what they will do in the event of a match being All Square after 18 i.e. Play 1,2 & 9 until someone wins or Start at 1st and play Sudden death. Etc.

Please enter the score from each match completed on the sheet in the format 4 & 3    i.e. (leading by 4 holes with only 3 left to play) or 1up (won on last hole) or 2 up if won by 2 holes.

The top name or pair in each game shall have the onus of contacting the other player(s) to organise the date and time of the match. It is suggested that the person who is charged with making contact with the other player(s) should have at least 3 dates and times at hand to offer to the opponent(s). If the opponent(s) cannot make those dates and no agreement can be made to play the match by the deadline set then the players involved MUST contact the Match Secretary to get permission to carry the match over to a date agreed between them and the Match Secretary.

PLEASE NOTE – Get your matches organised and played before the deadlines. You have been given plenty time. Any matches NOT completed by the deadline will be disqualified (unless a prior agreement has been made with the Match Secretary)

If you cannot get in contact with the Match Secretary for any reason then contact the Club Captain or Vice Captain and they will try and get hold of the Match Secretary.

Match Secretary – Jim Seatter

Captain – Keith Nicol

Vice Captain – Derek Ward

If all else fails try