Golf Insurance

As the new 2012 season approaches we would like to draw our members attention to a subject that has been widely talked about up and down the country.Golf Insurance!

Many of you may be aware of a story that made the headlines last year of a golfer that lost any eye while playing in West Lothian. This is the article from a newspaper….

(A Manchester golfer who lost an eye during a round of golf has been awarded nearly £400,000 in damages!

Anthony Phee who was a visiting golfer playing Niddry Castle Golf Club, Winchburgh, West Lothian said that he had ducked and put his hand up when he heard the cry of “Fore”. Unfortunately this defensive action did not stop the ball striking him in the eye which “exploded” on impact. Mr Phee sued both the player who struck the shot, Mr Gordon, and also the golf club.

Mr Phee commented;
“I’m delighted at the judgement and relieved that the court case is over. No-one expects to lose an eye when they go to play golf and adjusting to partially losing my sight has been a harrowing experience. I now just want to move on with my life”.

Mr Phee was walking between holes with his golfing companions when he was struck in the eye by a tee shot from Mr James Gordon.

The Court of Session in Edinburgh awarded damages of £397,000 with Lord Brailsford deciding that Mr Gordon from Livingston was 70% liable and Niddry Castle Golf Club, 30% liable.)

Golf Insurance is not dear and cover starts from as little as £22.99, there are a few companies in the “Links” section on the left hand side of this page. We would like to point out that this is optional and we do not insist you take out insurance. We want all players and members to have an enjoyable and safe round of golf.