FAO our Members

Dear Member

You may or may not know that our secretary Jim Robertson has stepped down from his position within the club. Jim has been with us, on the committee, for a number of years and the past few he has been our secretary.

All at the club wish Jim all the best for the future.

Jim’s leaving opens up a gap in the committee and an important role which needs to be filled.

Our club has come a long way since it’s conception and as it continues to grow and we rely on the commitment and support from all our members to help us improve and move forward.

We are looking for a dedicated person, who would be able to spare a few hours per week, to become our new secretary and join the committee of SRGC.

The committee is made up of dedicated people who want to see the club thrive.

We meet at the club on an evening every 5 weeks or so to discuss what needs to be or has been done etc.

If you or someone in your family (you need not be a golfer nor a member) feel you could take on the above role and want to be a part of the club please let us know.

The members of the SRGC are an important part of the club and without you the club ceases to exist. The club cannot function without a committee so the 2 things go hand in hand.


We are also looking for people who would like to become a coach. This is a very important part of the club as juniors and new novice members are the life blood of the club. You will get training for this and do not need to be part of the committee.

So do you have the drive to see the kids get into golf and help the club move forward.

 If you would like to become a more active member within the club as Secretary or as a Coach or both. Please let us know

Thank you

Keith Nicol

Club Captain