Duck Race

We held our annual duck race today Sunday 3rd April and it was fantastic to see folk back at the club for the race.

Results: Junior ducks, 1st no 71 Glen Rosie, 2nd no 142 Andrew Rendall, 3rd no 97 Einar Thomson, 4th no 26 Nea Slater, 5th no 149 Fraser MacKay and 6th no 57 Abby Moar.

Adult ducks, 1st black 67 Sally Inkster, 2nd black 89 Angela Tulloch, 3rd black 74 Lindsay Anderton, 4th blue 52 Katrina Garson, 5th red 99 Sarah Peace, 6th white 91 Kate Burkett, 7th green 15 Karin Brown and 8th green 50 Marie Barnes.

First duck home took 23mins 32sec won by Violet Ward

Junior egg rolling competition winners were Sigurd Mathieson, Lucy Guthrie and Carrie Peace.

Decorated Egg winners Alistair Thorburn & Scott Martin.

Decorated Hat winners Ivan Simison, Carrie Peace & Lucy Guthrie.

Number of sweets in jar were 145 nearest with 141 was Lucy Guthrie.

Thanks to everyone for helping and coming along on such a cold day.