Duck Race 2013

Well folks it’s all over for another year. The ducks have been caught (well most of them, there are one or two missing but I’m sure they will turn up ) and are now drying out and having a well earned rest.
The junior race (we had to enlist some of the Black ducks because the demand outstripped the amount of ducks we had) results are as follows.

1st Black 17  Sammy Laughton
2nd Pink 14  Lauren Mackenner
3rd Pink 77 Rosa Leonard
4th Pink 18  Dylan McEwan
5th Black 5  Ashley Leask
6th Black 24  Lea Norquoy

After a brief interlude, where spectators refuelled with Soup, Mince rolls and Mulled wine, it was time for the main event.

The results are as follows.
1st Red 61 Jim Spence
2nd Black 69  Mark Rapharl
3rd Green 69  David Henderson
4th Green 75  Richard Graham
5th White 22  Andy Whyte
6th Blue 24  Cindy MacKenzie
7th Blue 19 Neil Gordon
8th Red 59 Liz Pirie
9th White 89 Jim Chalmers
10th White 48 Andy Whyte

Fiona Thomson was nearest to the winning time with a guess of 18 min 35sec. ( Her husband had 18m 34sec. I wonder if they had been out last night sending the kids bath ducks down ???? Hmmmm)

The last duck home (not withstanding the ones that have gone missing) was Red 19 

Thank you to all who supported this event, sorry you can’t all get a prize, thank you to those who made the effort, on a not too brilliant day, to come along and watch and as always a huge thanks to the members of the committee and the others who helped set up, serve the soup etc and keep order among the ducks.

We hope to see you all again next year.