Crazy Golf

Eight players turned up for the clubs summer season finale. 

Conditions were wet under foot and they were subjected to a heavy shower half way through.

The 9 holes were cleverly thought out and the strong Southerly wind made some very tricky.

The play went as follows 1st tee – 8th green( 2 players managed to go o/o/b’s over the wall at the 1st???), 9th tee – 1st green(unsighted by the trees), 2nd tee – 3rd green!!!!! (Bloody long slog that one), 4th tee – 7th green (most opted to play down then across the o/o/b’s and back up but one chancer played over Billys house using the strong wind for assistance), 8th tee – 6th green( another long one but not as long as the 3rd!), 6th tee – 5th green( short but the wind made it difficult), in front of the GUR bellow the 5th green – 2nd green(unsighted again, into the wind and a burn to deal with), 3rd tee – 4th green ( a very short one wind assisted) and finally (phew!) 2nd tee- 9th green………..

Excellent fun and a good challenge for all with a lot of close scoring with David Henderson winning.

Thanks to all who dared to turn up.