2012 Duck race

The results are in.

On a cold, wet and breezy December day a few hardy souls turned up to watch, what is now, the ledgendary SRGC Duck Race.

With the burn running well the junior race was off just after 11am. Then after around 5 minutes the winner was Pink duck No.64 which belonged to George Leonard.

Following the excitement of the fast paced junoir race the thoroughbreds were brought out and released into the fast flowing waterfall at the 7th bridge with an excellent time of 12 minutes 46 seconds Black duck No. 7 crossed the finish. This duck has earned Alan Scott a fine first prize.

The crowed seemed pleased with the results and with the fine mince rolls, soup and mulled wine on offer in the shed (maybe they just came for Ellie’s Mulled wine????)

Thankyou to all who supported, donated to and helped out at this event and we now look forward to a challenge to this time next year.

Winners list


1st  Pink 64 George Leonard  £35

2nd Pink 14 Jock Moffat        £15

3rd Pink 46 Robbie Peace     £10

4th Pink 56 Holly Cromarty   Celebrations

5th Pink 15 Bruce Hackett    Sweets

6th Pink 76 Alex henderson Sweets


1st Black 7      Alan Scott          £100

2nd White 73  Kath Manners     £ 50

3rd Red 41     Jim Robertson    £ 25

4th Black 4     Davie Wishart     Jewellery

5th Red 48     Alison McKay     £15 Jollys Voucher

6th Black 96   Alanna Rosie     Wine

7th Black 73   Bing Munroe      Wine

8th White 26  Kevin Sincliar     Biscuits

9th Black 5    Raymond Davidson   Wine

10th Green 6 Ray Woods          Chocolates

Last Duck home

Green 22       Heather Howe    Chocolates

Time prize (12:46) with a guess of 13:16 

Jaqueline Rosie  Whiskey